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ColorDirector 9

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ColorDirector 9 Ultra

Precision Color Grading. Professional Results.

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ColorDirector 9: Color Grading Software

Precision Color Grading, Professional Results

Craft a cinematic experience. ColorDirector allows you to turn any video footage into a professional-looking production. Masterfully correct, balance, enhance, and stylize your color seamlessly in your PowerDirector production workflow.

Think It. Make It. Color grade It

  • Every Frame Closer to Excellence

    Create the perfect color effect for a premium cinematic feel. With keyframe controls, apply a mask and create multiple color changes within a single video clip.

  • Precise Color Matching

    Automatically replicate the color style from any reference video. Use enhanced color match controls to fine-tune your look.

  • Split Tone

    Adjust highlights, mid-tones & shadows to achieve both image balance and style.

  • Color Splash

    Isolate a color and adjust intensity to stylize your footage.

  • Color Shift

    The full spectrum color wheel gives you complete control over object hue.

  • Craft a Consistent, Professional Look

    Harmonize colors throughout your video and never worry about lighting or contrast again. Import and export your Look-up Tables (LUTs) and take your color scheme with you.

  • Precision Coloring and Dynamic Effects with Keyframes

    Use customizable presets, make keyframe adjustments and control the intensity of each effect.

Enrich Scenes With Style and Clarity

  • NEW

    Shine Light on Your Creation

    Render realistic camera effects like light rays or manipulate lighting to change the aesthetic of your footage, all in post-production.

  • Pristine Footage, Every Time

    Ensure your video is crystal clear, no matter the footage, with automatic dehaze and noise reduction tools.

Raise the Bar
Professional Tools for a Cinematic Look

Achieve breathtaking results with pro-level tools. Finesse the details, refine your look and sharpen your focus with superior controls.


    Smarter Selection, Easier Edits

    Be selective with your edits – even on a moving subject. Get precise control over any object with the power of motion tracking.

  • NEW

    Green Screen Maker

    Isolate any object in your video and create a customizable green screen to compose spectacular scenes.

  • NEW

    A Balanced Perspective

    Use a waveform scope and get the best, most consistent images. Examine the exposure and ensure superior uniformity between shots.

  • Fine-Tune Your Aesthetic

    Streamline your workflow with adjustment tools. Make striking tonal changes to your entire project or precisely tune colors from selected parts of your video.

Change Your Point of View

Import, preview and color grade any 360-degree video footage. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a smoother 360º color grading workflow.