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The picture and audio are out of sync and the latter sounds like an echo when watching TV. What can I do?

This could be due to various problems with your hardware, software or drivers. You will need to check each of them to eliminate this problem:

  1. Update the TV tuner card driver and sound card driver
  2. Download and install the latest DirectX 9.0 runtime
  3. Update your Windows Media Player to the latest version

Adjust your hardware connectors. Since TV tuner cards vary, the following steps should be used as a guideline only:

  1. plug in TV cable to another port on the TV tuner card if available
  2. change the audio out cable of the TV tuner card to "Mic In" or "Audio In" port of sound card if available
  3. remove the audio out cable from the sound card of the TV tuner card
  4. Be sure to check the volume level of "Line In" and "Audio In" of your sound card
  5. Disable Time-Shifting option under "TV > Settings > Signal Settings"
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